Fresh and smoked fish

Ltd “Cesu Arka” is a family company which entered the fresh fish; fish fillet and high quality culinary product market in year 2009. Company’s main specialization is delivery of refrigerated and smoked fish produce to the grocery shops and restaurants of Latvia. “Brize” main focus is on gathering high quality, fresh fish products, including fillets and offering it to our customers in convenient packaging.


Ltd „Cesu Arka” aim is to become the leading provider of fresh fish and fish products in Latvia. Company values development in the market place and in relations with its customers, partners and employees, strictly following the environmental guidelines.


Ltd „Cesu Arka” mission is to supply its customers with the highest quality fish products that have been extracted in an environment friendly manner.


Ltd „Cesu Arka” started its operations as a small family company. Currently our organization has grown in its size offering reliable deliveries to the largest grocery chains, restaurants and ecological shops in Latvia.


Delivery process

To our clients we deliver fresh fish and their fillets, flavorful fishery products, smoked with alder wood and other ecologically clean products twice a week.

Thursday from 8:00 AM till 17:00 PM
Monday form 8:00 AM till 13:00 PM
Email for orders:

Produce form small fishermen

Fresh sea fish is being supplied by fishermen in Latvia and Poland. Freshwater catch comes form biggest lakes in Latvia and Estonia.

Preparing, smoking, packaging

Fishery products are prepared and packed in company’s manufacture. Hot and cold smoked fish is available in already weighted packages or for order by desired weight.


Orders placed on Thursday will be delivered on next Tuesday. Orders placed on Monday will be delivered on following Thursday
(Only for orders form Latvia)


Brand "Brīze"

Gathering all the company’s best traditions and experience we have created a brand,, Breeze “. Similarly, the fresh sea breeze – a breeze that never end, only twice a day changes direction, also we are taking full order and delivery cycle twice a week.That’s why we are proud of always fresh, natural and tasty fish products. If you want to eat delicious and healthy – choose the brand,, Breeze “products!


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